Davstack is a collection of libraries for building web applications.

While it is designed to be used with React, it could be used with any other libraries.

We are currently in early development, so the APIs are subject to change and contributions are welcome.

Design Principles

"Stand on the shoulders of giants."

  • Embrace the ecosystem: Davstack is built on top of popular libraries such as React, shadcn/ui, Zustand, Tailwind and TRPC. We provide utilities that enhance these libraries, without reinventing the wheel.

  • TypeScript-first: Davstack is written in TypeScript and is designed to be used with TypeScript. It provides type-safe APIs and utilities to help you build web applications.

  • Minimalistic: Davstack is aims to provide the most simple and minimalistic APIs without reducing flexibility, so you can focus on building your application instead of learning a new framework.